Will hearing aids help my hearing loss?
Yes, 95% of people with hearing loss can be helped with amplification. There are about 5% of cases that we refer over to a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear. However the majority of hearing losses simply need hearing aids.
Do hearing aids still have a lot of background noise?
No, hearing aids today can distinguish the difference between many types of noise and speech. They can even determine where you are and how to automatically optimize your hearing. However no hearing aid can restore normal hearing.
Do hearing aids still feedback, squeal, or make noises other people can hear?
The short answer is no. Modern hearing aids constantly monitor the sounds they are Producing and automatically adjust if one of these annoying noises is about to occur. However in extreme cases some of these sounds can occur
Are hearing aids big?
Many people think that hearing aids are still the large, bulky devices that their grandparents wore. However, most hearing aids we fit are virtually invisible when worn. There are still reasons why someone may choose a large hearing aid. But the majority of hearing aids cannot be seen, or truly are invisible.
Will hearing aids just make everything louder?
No, hearing aids today do not treat all sounds the same. Each system is tailored to the individual, in order to give just the right amount of volume for soft, average, and loud sounds in each frequency. Some of the factors we use to tailor each solution include: age, gender, language, previous hearing aid use, configuration of hearing loss, degree of hearing loss, duration of hearing loss, cognitive ability, dexterity, and anatomy (shape) of the ear.

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