I don't live in WK&T's regular service area, can I still have your security services?

YES! Regardless of where you live, WK&T provides security services to communities all over west Kentucky and west Tennessee.

What does it cost?

There's a variety of different options that make each security system unique. However, the Premium Kit is only $149 and the monthly monitoring is only $29.95 per month. In order to know what your home or business needs specifically, call WK&T and schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Do you provide medical alert services?

Yes, we do provide Medical Alert equipment and monitoring. Each medial alert system comes with a wristband or pendant that allows for mobility and a state of the art base station with a high-volume speakerphone.

I don't live in a high crime area, and I already own smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Why should I consider a WK&T security system?

As we've seen in recent month, crimes are not limited to a certain area or demographic. It can happen anywhere and at anytime. What we provide is peace of mind to know while your family is asleep or away, your home is being protected and monitored 24/7. The same is true about our smoke/carbon monoxide monitoring services. While store bought detectors are great to have, what happens if someone is hurt or unconscious and unable to call for help? What if the family is away at work or school? What makes our detection crucial for a family or business's safety is that even when no one's home, or if you're hurt and can't reach the phone, WK&T Security will know, and we'll get help on the way! 

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