SIU holds women’s football clinic

With a quick breakdown, a room full of women eager to learn about football started picking the brains of SIU coaches and athletes Thursday night. Many trying to learn as much as they could about a game they love, but some don’t fully understand.

“It’s a lot of fun here,” said Saluki football fan Janice Berger of Creal Springs. “If you’re at a football game and you ask your husband, they’re annoyed that you’re asking them, and they might not know the answer, so they don’t want to act like they don’t know the answer so it’s nice to be able to ask them here.”

This year’s football women’s clinic featured multiple stations from offense, to defense, to weight training where the ladies could soak up as much knowledge as they wanted. And teaching the finer points of the game, is just as fun for the Saluki coaches.

“Watching them watch the film, it’s like a light comes on and they want to tell you everything that they learned,” said SIU Head Football Coach Dale Lennon. “Those are things that make this whole clinic worthwhile.”

After the ladies spent about three hours learning the ins and outs of football, they get to go home and spread that knowledge to their husbands.

“I think he appreciates that I learn the intricacies of of the game,” said Laura Thomas, of Carbondale.

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