Preparations underway for Quilt Week

Throughout the city, preparations are underway for Paducah’s annual biggest event.  The American Quilter’s Society said they expect thousands to make their way to the area in the next few days.  For some local quilters, it is never too soon to get ahead of the game.
mb: between the trimming (nat sound) and sewing (nat sound)…

Pat English is putting the final touches on her quilts.  English owns the Quilter’s Alley and has been quilting since the 70’s.

“It’s fun and it’s creative. You surprise yourself sometimes with what you can do,” said English.

She said every year she looks forward to Quilter’s Week when thousands of fellow quilters pour into Paducah.

“I can’t judge by the register count because you don’t know if that woman came in three times or is that different people, but we estimated and I think it gets us to 35 to 40 thousand people. It grows every year,” said English.

English said she started preparing for this year’s show back in October.  From hand-sewn to mostly machine, she said the fabrics, thread and patterns have all changed over time, but one thing is always the same.

“It’s great for business just for being in Paducah,” said English.

A quilter’s paradise that turns into the busiest week of the year for the area. You do not have to wait much longer, the quilt show starts Wednesday April 23.

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