UT Martin softball team uses chatter to their advantage

Take one step into UT Martin’s dugout during a softball game, and you’ll find softballs used as drums, along with chanting that rarely stops.

“We get pretty crazy,” admitted UTM first baseman Lauren Smith. “Jumping around, bouncing around you know.”

Junior infielder Lindsey Feigl uses the chants to pump up her teammates. While some of the chants have been passed down from former classes, others just work their way in.

“I mean it’s on the fly, off the top of our heads most of the time,” said Feigl with a smile. “If we like it, we’ll keep doing it. If we don’t, we won’t ever do it again.”

All that clapping and singing is undeniably catchy, and it’s almost impossible not to get stuck in your head.

“Sometimes when I’m in the infield, I’ll just start singing them,” said Smith. “Even when the other team is up, I put their names in it when I hear them.”

“I find myself after the games are over with, saying a cheer to myself,” admitted head coach Donley Canary. “It might sound silly, but it’s true.”

Canary adds that he likes the chants, because it keeps his players involved in the ballgame. So expect it to be a tradition carried on at UT Martin for many softball seasons to come.

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