Alyssa Barnard’s biggest fan is her football coach father

DRAFFENVILLE, KY — For Marshall County's Alyssa Barnard there are fans, then there is dad.

"I don't think he knows how to be a fan," Alyssa said. "He has always just been a coach."

Ron Barnard spends most of his time coaching the Marshall County football team, but admits it is different watching his daughter play basketball in the stands.

"The biggest thing for me is that there is no pressure on me during the game," he said. "It's a little more relaxing."

But just like any parent, he still tries to coach.

"Sometimes that voice is hard to miss," Alyssa said. "I do value his opinion quite often, but he knows when to step back and when to step up."

"I talk about not getting her knees up when she runs, stuff like that," Ron Barnard said. "But as far as the X's and O's in basketball, I will tell you I don't have a clue."

For some it may be hard to have a father who is a coach, but for Alyssa having him in the stands is all she needs.

"I have fans that will come up to me after a game and say, good job." she said. "When I see him after a game he just asks me why I didn't make that shot. But it is always allowing me to critique myself and get better."

"It just brings us closer together because of how much time we are spending together traveling to games and training camps," Ron said.

And no matter what she does, dad will always be there watching.

"He has made it a goal of his to be at every game," said Alyssa.

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