Cairo city officials set to rejuvenate the town

City officials are on a mission to rejuvenate one of our regions most historical towns.
The city of Cairo is not necessarily known for its rich history front the civil rights movement; unfortunately it is better known for poverty and petty crime.
A New Orleans based economic development company has come in to bring the river community back to life.
Monica Smith has been re-shelving books for more than twenty years and she has no intention of leaving the Cairo Public Library behind.
She, like many residents here, has a fondness for the river town’s past.
“They are very proud of the history of Cairo and the town that is here” said project director Dwight Norton. 
Norton says in order to make this city great, he has to first learn what makes these people tick, what they want, their likes and their dislikes. 
“We’re still in that process of learning what needs to change and really that information really will come from the community” said Norton. 
Smith says the house of books is her favorite place in Cairo. She says the history is rich, but she worries about the future.
“We need some things for our children, for our youth, there’s no programs hardly at all for the youth of the community,” said Smith. 
Smith says developers may return Cairo to greatness, but the kids will be the ones responsible for keeping it that way.
Monday was the first of a series of meetings that will take place in Cairo over the next six months.
Once the six months is up, a committee of people, along with the developers will decide how to make the plans for Cairo a reality.

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