Cuba Elementary closing for good

Graves County, Ky., It was not the first time parents in Graves County, Kentucky, heard talk about closing Cuba Elementary. But Thursday night the talk turned to action as board members voted to close it at the end of the year.

Superintendent Kim Harrison gave a short presentation before the vote in which she outlined the financial savings the closing would provide. According to Harrision, the district will save about $375,000 a year. She added that the decision wasn't based on performance, it''s solely based on financial efficiency. 

"A lot of times the practice in the state to close a school is because it's low performing," she said. "That's not the case here." She added that there hasn't been more than 200 students enrolled at Cuba for at least 7 years and there are six empty classrooms at Wingo Elementary and two empty classrooms at Sedalia Elementary which can provide the space for the 158 Cuba kids.


Harrison hopes parents give the district enough time to prove they can love their new schools as much as Cuba. She said they will begin immediately forming a committee to help determine what will happen to the current building and how the district will divide the Cuba students. 

The official closing sate for the school is June 30, 2014.

"I don't think they did a lot of work to look at the community," said Mark French, a Cuba Parent. "It (Cuba) was the very best elementary school in the district. By closing Cuba they're actually sending the majority of our students now to one of the worst schools in our district."

Tia Hughes agrees and was also disappointed by the boards decision.

"I'm trying to decide about how I'm going to go home and tell my children that they will not have a school to go to next year at Cuba," she said. "I will look for the option of either moving or transporting my child to another district because of this."

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