Families clean up after EF-2 tornado destroys neighborhood

Families in Union City, Tennessee are working to clean up what an EF-2 tornado left behind.

The intersection of Garrigan and Brevard roads in Woodland Mills, Tennessee were hit the worst where 6 homes were either damaged or destroyed. County officials are calling their community “blessed” because no one was killed by Monday’s tornado. The winds were so damaging personal belongings were thrown nearly 100 yards away from the homes. Now neighbors, friends and family help each other salvage what they can.

Dean Laird and his wife, Peggy, were home when the storm began.

“When the front door blew out it knocked her down on the floor and knock something hit me in the back of the head and knocked me down in the kitchen and the only thing I can remember is hoping the good Lord wouldn’t let me pass out because I didn’t know where she was at and finally I crawled from there to where she was at to cover her up,” says Dean Laird.

The Obion County Sheriff’s Department will patrol that neighborhood through Wednesday to warn off looters.

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