Tornado destroys homes in Obion County

As storms pounded communities across much of the country, several areas in the Local 6 region felt the brunt of the weather. Last night’s storms destroyed several homes in Woodland Mills, Tennessee near Union City.

Homes off Garrigan and Brevard Road in Obion County received massive damage.  The National Weather Service said preliminary results show this was an EF 2 tornado.      

The tornado ripped off the roofs of several houses in the Woodland Mills area leaving only shingles and broken wood behind. The strong winds uprooted a nearly 100 year old tree only feet from Fay Bryant’s home.  She said she feels lucky to be alive.

“It was so scary I just couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Bryant.

Bryant has lived in this home for the majority of her life.  She said it took just a few seconds for the tornado to ravage her backyard.

“I looked out that window and everything was laying on the ground…The awning is down here. It blew that garage door out,” said Bryant.

Bryant’s home is one of the only ones left standing on her road.

“They are completely gone, they are just demolished,” said Bryant.

Just down the road, Woodland Mills Mayor Wade Carrington said he saw the tornado coming.

“When it hit the ground it had the train sound and we saw the debris flying around,” said Carrington.

Carrington pulled out his cell phone to capture video of the tornado.

“It was just this weird looking cloud that dropped out of the sky and when it got past the barns and grain bins it became a transparent whirlwind,” said Carrington.

Bryant said she is counting her blessings the storm spared her and her neighbor’s lives.

“Stuff can be replaced, lives can’t,” said Bryant.       

Now they are trying to clean up what the weather tore apart.

“This is a close neighborhood. Everybody’s proud they are still living,” said Bryant.

Law enforcement plans to have 24 hour surveillance to monitor the homes in that area. If you would like to volunteer, click here. If you would like to donate, send your donations to NTDS P.O. Box 1458 Union City, TN 38281 or you can call (731) 592-3947.

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