Murray State’s Howson grows into her senior year

At 4’8″ tall, Murray State’s Delaney Howson is probably always going to be the shortest person you will find on the golf course. But don’t let her size fool you, just as it has for everyone else who has seen her play.

“They all probably looked at me my first two years saying there was no way I could break 75,” said Howson, who is the lone senior on this years team. “It shocks them when I out drive them and they are a foot taller than me.”

This season Howson has won seven individual titles, along with being named OVC Player of the Year, but it is being the teams unquestioned leader that she takes pride in the most.

“She is there for you on and off the course,” freshman Sydney Trimble said. “She is a great friend and a great example for us.”

“Velvet (Milkman) told me that I needed to step up,” Howson said. “I needed to take them under my wing and answer some questions if they had them.”

Another thing that sticks out about Delaney, is her personality.

“I always laugh,” she said. “Everyone makes me laugh. I laugh all of the time.”

But through the smile is someone who takes the game of golf seriously.

“She knows when it’s time to play,” said Racers head coach Velvet Milkman. “She is very competitive and that is what makes her successful.”

Howson and the rest of the Murray State Women’s Golf team will compete in the NCAA East Regional on May 8th, in Tallahassee, Florida.

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