Express Lube and Car Washes-FAQ

Q: Why use Expressway?

A: We use Armor All Professional Products and have state of the art equipment that we are continually updating with the industries cutting edge technology.

Q: What do I need to do if I just want to wash my exterior? 

A: You simply pull into the into the far outside lane and pay at the easy to use kiosk with your credit/debit card or cash. If you need assistance one of our friendly service writers will be happy to help. Proceed through the open gate to the tunnel area.

Q:Does Expressway have an A la Carte Menu? 

A: Yes we do. If there is a service that is not included in a package or you just want one thing done, such as a trunk vacuum or windows washed, just notify the service writer.

Q: Do you do hand washes?

A: We is recommended that you call ahead or make an appointment if possible.

Q: Is it safe to take my convertible through the tunnel?

A: It is, in fact we wash several every day.

Q: What are the size restrictions?

A: The tunnel can accommodate heights up to 7′ 8?  and widths up to 6’6? and tires up to 13? wide. 

Q:Can I bring my dually through your tunnel?

A: No we are unable to wash dually’s in the tunnel but would be more than happy to set up a time for a hand wash.

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