Murray State golfers honor coach’s late father

For the past four years Chris Griffin has been an assistant coach for the Murray State women’s golf team. A role which he loves.

“I love it at Murray,” Griffin said. “Murray has been wonderful to me. I have had a hand in recruiting most of these girls.”

Never did that love mean as much as it did this past March. Bob Griffin, Chris’s father, passed away after a year long battle with brain cancer. And it was those girls he helped to recruit that showed their support.

“Every night after our rounds we would say how many birdies we made,” said Racers head coach Velvet Milkman.

They called it “Birdies for Bob.”

“It has given me more motivation to make birdies this year and honor his life,” said freshman Sydney Trimble. “It has pushed us to do something great for someone who was a great person.”

“They have definitely been there for me every step of the way,” Griffin said.

But that wasn’t the end of it. While searching for motivation heading into this years OVC Tournament, they decided to dedicate their championship run to Chris.

“He was the one who had been through tough times and we never heard him complain,” said Milkman. “I thought it was a good fit for us and the girls responded to it.”

“We did it so he could have a championship,” Trimble said. “I was so overwhelmed to see the joy on his face when we won.”

“They played with a since of destiny at OVC,” said Griffin. “They were focused on what they had to do. I know dad was with them. No doubt in my mind.”

And it is with that thought that they head into this weeks NCAA East Regional. With their goal to honor and make as many birdies as they can.

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