Robinson hopeful to land in the NFL

Whether it’s playing basketball, or helping out around his parents house– Corey Robinson is doing whatever he can not to get nervous about the NFL Draft.

“I probably won’t even watch it,” Robinson admitted. “I’m going to just be relaxing, and hopefully I get that call saying we’re going to give you a shot.”

That shot will most likely come after the draft is over. Robinson says in his talks with a few teams, they’ve all mentioned him beind an undrafted free agent. Though, he and his father Kenny are hopeful his name is called sometime in New York.

“Anything can happen,” said Kenny Robinson. “You hope that he does, but you’ve got to be realistic about this.”

“I’m not going to be let down if I don’t,” Corey said. “As long as someone gives me a chance and an opportunity to come to camp and prove myself.”

If the NFL doesn’t pan out, Robinson has an offer to go play in Canada for the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Whatever happens, his family is obviously proud of him.

“Oh Lord yes,” Kenny said. “If he ends up working doing the same business I work in, I’ll be proud of him either way because he’s grown up to be a good kid.”

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