Illinois group protests strip mining

A local road commissioner told a group of protestors he resigned from his job on Monday as a battle between a community and a coal plant continues.

Protestors met on Cottage Grove Road in Rocky Branch, Illinois in Saline County tonight. Peabody Coal has asked the city to vacate part of that road so the company can continue strip mining operations. Those protestors want the city to keep the road, and keep the mining from happening.

The group’s founder, Georgia de la Garza, says this is about keeping families from having to move out of their homes.

“These people want to stay in their homes. These people are generational people. Some have been in their homes since the 70’s. They don’t want to move,” de la Garza said.

Peabody Coal confirmed that they have asked the city to vacate the road when asked for comment. A spokesperson from the company added tha the city has postponed consideration until May 22nd.

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