What the Tech: Look Up

It’s graduation season, and some high schools and colleges have urged graduates to not take ‘selfies’ while walking across the stage. The problem with ‘selfies’ and social media goes deeper than just graduation.

Perhaps you’ve seen it, a short film called ‘look up’ that’s gone viral in just the past couple of weeks.

Dr. Jake Morris, Psychology professor says, “doing something always trumps watching something, and being a participant always turns being an observer.”

He agrees that the Y Generation, also called ‘technology natives’ could be too wrapped up in social media, “I think that’s a real problem people have; you’re so busy documenting life that some are missing life.”

The Y Generation puts most of their lives online. You can find out just about everything about a person by looking at their Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. And to update all of those sites, you have to have your nose down all the time.

Groups of young people can be in an amazing place, and practically miss it. Dr. Morris experienced that taking a group of students to Africa.

“I though, several times, they’re missing out on this because they’re so busy documenting this.”

There’s no solution really, as the ‘Look Up’ video says, it’s up to you to look up, “social media is a supplement to life. The problem for some people- it becomes life, and that’s all they can think about.”

Remember thesesmart phoness haven’t been around for very long. Not long enough to really study it, and determine how it might affect our lives in the next 5-10 years.

The ‘Look Up’ video has more than 31 million views since April 25th. While it has both good and bad reviews, most agree it’s spreading a message about why we need to change our social media habits.

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