Titans fans have faith in Jake Locker

It is always exciting anytime you get to meet your sports heroes. For those who turned out for the annual Titans Caravan in Paducah on Wednesday, most were excited to see perhaps the biggest name on the titans roster, Jake Locker.

“You dont think you would have Jake Locker and guys come to Paducah,” said Titans fan Jarrod Holland. “It works out for us fans.”

“I met Jake about three years ago,” Titans fan Curt Phelps said. “Anytime he is in the area I try to come see him.”

Locker is coming off of a season that was filled with injuries on top of what looked like could have been a defining season as the Titans starting quarterback.

“You just dont know why things happen at times,” Locker said. “But there is a bigger plan for it. I just continue to prepare and do everything I can to win.”

“I think we saw last September his capability,” Titans play-by-play announcer Mike Keith said. “We saw what makes him special. Then he gets hurt. Then our season changed after he led us to a 3-1 start.”

Now the Titans have a new coaching staff, led by head coach Ken Whisenhunt, and have put their faith in the third year pro.

And so have the fans.

“Give him a second chance,” Titans fan Austin Wynn said. “I like Locker. I think he is a good quarterback that can move, and cant wait for him to perform this year.”

“If our offensive line can protect Jake and he stays healthy all 16 games, I think we will be in the playoffs,” Holland said.

Which is why Titans fans are still lining up to meet, what they hope, is the quarterback of the future.

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