Three step forward about Barnard misconduct

Hilbrecht tells Local 6 that three of Barnard’s former Graves County students from the late 90’s came forward to report alleged misconduct when he was their teacher.

None of these women want to pursue charges at this time.

Tuesday night, Ron Barnard posted the $10,000 cash bond to get out of jail.

According to Detective Matt Hilbrecht, he was scheduled for a 1pm bond hearing today, but that has been cancelled.

Barnard’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 18th at 1pm.

The formal complaint against former Marshall County High School football coach Ron Barnard accuses him of trying to inappropriately touch a 15 year-old high school girl.

The complaint states Barnard “on one occasion attempted to put his hand down her pants.”  It also state the student was equipped with a video/audio recording device and Barnard could be heard asking the girl to create a fake Twitter account so they could swap pictures.

At one point, Barnard asked the girl to send nude pictures of her “front and back.”

Barnard will formally be arraigned on Monday.

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