Paul Romine returns to drag racing after a two year absence

In 2012, Paul Romine retired, then sold his car nicknamed “Man O War.”

But for those who know Paul, it didn’t take long for the itch to race returned.

“When I sold the operation, it didn’t run at all and was just sitting around,” Romine said. “When I got back in it I didn’t think I could build a car as good as that one.”

So he bought the car back, and called some old friends.

“I knew eventually I would get the call and I did,” said John Bullard, a former Romine crew member. “I was getting tired in North Carolina.”

So with the driver, car and crew back together things quickly went back to normal.

“One of the reasons that this car has had success is because of consistency,” said Romine. “After every race it comes apart and gets put back together the right way.”

“Paul has the one quality that separates himself from the drivers with all the money or parts,” crew member Mike Cavalieri said. “It is the desire and killer instinct.”

“Drivers are not heroes,” Romine said. “They just get in the car and steer. It is the guys that work on the car that make the biggest impact.”

And it is those guys that will help Romine and “Man O War” get back to the top.

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