13-year-old makes a name for herself racing go-karts in Southern Illinois

At 13 years old, Britni Helton has already been racing longer than most drivers.

“It was something that until the age of 9, I got more talented and started to get better,” Helton said.

Helton has won more than 100 races since she was just seven years old, and is really motivated to show her talent.

“I just like going out and proving to the boys that I can go out there and hang with them,” said Helton. “Just as easy as the boys.”

“She is competitive,” said Lori Helton, Britni’s mother. “She likes the sport and it doesn’t matter if it is boys or girls.”

Which is why she is currently leading the point standings in her classification.

“A lot of guys from Tennessee and Kentucky know me from people who have come here,” Britni said. “And I have beaten them.”

And for Britni and her family, racing is in their blood.

“My dad does a lot of work on her car,” said Lori Helton. “And when my husband is home he does work on the car. My grandson is two and he is ready to race.”

At her age, Britni understands what it takes to continue her success at this level.

“Winning isn’t everything,” she said. “I know I won’t win every weekend. I believe that if I tried hard enough, I would make a name for myself.”

But for now, she is winning, and could bring home her very first championship.

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