“Ice Cream Shot” takes center stage at Murray State Basketball Camp

If you go to Steve Prohm’s basketball camp this summer, you probably have heard the words “ice cream shot” said over and over again.

“It is a 75 foot shot from the other free throw line,” said Murray State assistant coach James Kane.

“It is when the campers are at their best and most energetic point,” Racer guard Cameron Payne said. “They are happy and ready for ice cream.”

It is a tradition that started many years ago, and if it falls, everyone in the camp gets ice cream at the end of the day.

“They have been booing me all week,” said Kane. “I have been missing it left and right. The pressure was really on today.”

So much pressure that coach Kane almost had his shooting privileges taken away.

“Seeing him brick it so many times I really wanted to take the shot,” said forward Jarvis Williams.

“I tried to shoot it, but coach Kane wouldn’t let me shoot it,” guard TJ Sapp said. “Not once.”

But sooner or later the shot will fall, just as it did on the final day of camp.

“You just throw it,” Kane said. “Throw it and pray. Today I got lucky.”

“It is a bad thing if you dont make it,” said Sapp. “But if you make it you are looked at like a god at this camp.”

That, or the guy that gave everyone in camp free ice cream.

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