George Wilson’s football camp has impact on local youth

A line full of kids as far as the eye could see wrapped around Paducah Tilghman High School Saturday morning, full of children who have waited for George Wilson’s football camp for long time.


“My son talked about it all year,” admitted parent Dalecia Suggs. “He was up all night ready for it this morning.”


And without a doubt, the best group of kids to watch is the three to five year olds.


“Those are the most exciting ones,” George Wilson said. “They don’t really have control of their bodies, so their feet are all over the place, arms swing everywhere.”


“We can remind ourselves that we were once that,” said parent Kareem Henry with a grin. “They’re so fun to look at, so much fun to watch, learning and experiencing everything, it’s good.”


The camp, which is free to the public, was expecting a record turnout of 400 kids Saturday morning. 

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