Talley’s longtime coach will be her caddy at this week’s US Open

For more than a decade, Todd Trimble has quietly been crafting Emma Talley’s golf game. But at this week’s United States Women’s Open, that all changes as Trimble moves from teacher to caddy.

“We need to watch our communication,” Trimble said. “I am not talking to her about her swing. We are talking about play and strategy and what she needs to be doing.”

“He has a mind for the game,” Talley said. “He is a perfectionist and won’t let me move on to the next thing until I get it perfect.”

The way the two approach the game is completely different.

“He always calls it ‘Emma golf’,” Talley said. “I’m very laid back and not technical. He is very technical and analytical. Somehow, we made it work.”

Perhaps the best thing about caddying for Talley is that Trimble does a great job of not letting her think too much.

“We talk about anything, whether it is our faith or boys,” Trimble said. “There is no telling what we are talking about. Its just a nice walk for 18 holes.”

Of course, Trimble also has no problem coaching the United State’s Women’s Amateur champion.

“When I first met him he said that I had an athletic swing, but lets change everything,” Talley remembered.

“You can tell when she walks with the other players that there is a different cadence to her step,” Trimble said. “She is ready.”

As the reigning U.S. Amateur champion, Talley will be playing in one of the marquee groups on Thursday. She’ll be grouped with Stacy Lewis, the #1 player in the world, and Inbee Park, the #2 player in the world and the defending US Women’s Open champion. The threesome will tee off at 7:02am CDT Thursday for the opening round.

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