Attorney Mark Bryant reviewing Peabody Energy, Paducah Power deal with Prairie State

Attorney Mark Bryant wants his hands on documents he said could shed light on if Paducah Power was duped into buying into Prairie State.

“If you are looking for fraud, you’ve got to find out if there is any,” he told Paducah Power board members Thursday.

Bryant filed an open records request last week. He said there might not be any fraud, but he’s willing to investigate it. “What I am asking Mr. Chairman, Mr. Crisson, board members, is be allowed to see un-redacted information,” he said.

Board members, including interim General Manager Mark Crisson were open to that idea. He granted Bryant permission to review the documents and vowed transparency. “That we provide these documents you requested in your October 30th letter in complete form, unaltered and un-redacted. So, that would be our recommendation,” said Crisson.

Paducah Power customer Gayle Frye likened the community’s situation to that of the Titanic. She said customers are drowning in their high power bills and supports Bryant’s efforts. “You’ve got to do something and that’s the life boat to help its customers not bleed to death,” Frye told the board.

Board Chairman Hardy Roberts said people like Frye are owed an explanation which is why he also backs Bryant. “I know that this board wants to release everything that he wants. Does that sound fair to everybody on the board here?” said Roberts.

There is no time frame for when those documents may be handed over to Bryant, but board members are hopeful Bryant will have them before next Wednesday’s board meeting.

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