I Am Local 6: Bernice Schwering, 100-Year-Old Volunteer

The McCracken County Senior Citizens Center is celebrating because of one special volunteer.  Bernice Schwering just turned 100 and volunteers four times a week at the Senior Citizens Center.  Her spark keeps her going.

The crowd comes to gather at the Senior Citizens Center in Paducah just in time for lunch.  Birthday balloons still hang from a party to celebrate their resident centenarian, Ms. Bernice Schwering.  She dresses to the nines with matching accessories as she talks of her favorite things like dancing.

“I really love to dance, with a good partner, I’m talking about.  Not somebody that gets out there and drags their feet around the floor and calls it dancing,” said Schwering.

She is also a St. Louis Cardinals fan. 

“I just really like the Cardinals.  I’m really let down that they let me down,” said Schwering.

Born October 13, 1914, Ms. Bernice doesn’t stay down which baffles some of her younger friends.

“A lot of people they say ‘I don’t know what to do with myself’. I say follow me around, you’ll get tired”, said Schwering.

For the past 14 years, everyone that has walked through the door of the Senior Citizens Center, the first person they see is Ms Bernice.  She makes sure that all donations are taken and everyone signs in because in her younger years she chase you down if you didn’t.

“I used to, when I first started I’d go after them, but, now, I don’t do it,” said Schwering.

There’s a possibility Ms. Schwering did not see the news story that aired because her television is unplugged.

“People say, ‘How can you stand it without it’. I say, ‘Real easy. I like it’. I just don’t care for it anymore. In fact, it gets on my nerves,” said Schwering.

She greets everyone with a smile and that’s enough to make one’s century.

Ms. Bernice is the last of seven children, and she doesn’t have any children of her own.  She volunteers at the Senior Citizens Center every day except Wednesdays and weekends.

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