Longtime Racers manager considered to be key component of team

There are certain staples at Murray State basketball games. You can always count on hearing the Murray State band, seeing the mascot Dunker, and roaming the sidelines you’ll find manager Terrence Miles; known to everyone on the team as T-Money.

“Money is a big-time Racer,” said senior guard TJ Sapp. “He’s a Racer at heart.”

“T-Money, that’s my guy,” said junior Jeffery Moss. “He’s definitely a positive effect on this team, he plays a big role.”

“He gives this team culture, he gives this team laughter,” explained sophomore guard Cameron Payne. “He’s one of the key components of our team.”

On game days– Miles is in on every huddle and celebration. Behind the scenes at practice, he prides himself on being one of the most dedicated guys on the floor.

“Coach Prohm wants stuff to be done quick,” Miles said. “If he says I need something done fast, I’m gone.”

“Money will run through a wall for you,” admitted senior forward Jonathan Fairell. “Coach Prohm will tell Money to run to the locker room and get something; Money will run a 4.2 to go get it. He’s like Speedy Gonzales.”


“He just brings energy everyday,” explained sophomore guard Justin Seymour. “It’s fun to be around him. He’s flying around with the pad, he’s just always involved in something. It’s definitely fun being around T-Money.”

Miles is also known as one of the most reliable people out there.

“Anything you need, Money’s there,” Fairell explained. “If you need to come in at one o’clock in the morning to rebound, Money’s there. You need something from the laundry room, you need washed real quick, Money’s there.”

“He’s definitely reliable,” Moss said. “T-Money is one of the guys. He’s almost like a big brother to us, and we appreciate everything he does for us.”

Miles has been with the team since 2006, and constantly gets grief from players for being there for so long. So why has Miles stuck around the program for eight years?

“God hasn’t told me to leave yet,” Miles admits. “If I try to leave, I might not be happy. I’m just waiting on an answer from God if I should leave or not.”

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