51 headstones vandalized in Fulton County, 2 juveniles arrested

The Sheriff’s Office says they’ve arrested two juveniles in this case.

They have been detained, but not charged.

They are expected to be charged with criminal mischief in the 1st degree.

Forty-five headstones the first day… 6 more the second day. 51 total headstones at Cayce United Methodist Church Cemetery in Fulton County were vandalized this weekend. So many the Sheriff’s Department hasn’t been able to contact all the family members affected.

Investigators don’t know exactly when the crime was committed, or who is responsible.. But are asking for your help to bring peace to many families.

Sheriff Bobby Hopper says the town of Cayce is in an uproar. Some headstones dated more than 100 years old.

People have been in and out of the Sheriff’s office since the stones were discovered, and almost everyone in the town feels affected by the repeated acts of vandalism.

Fulton County Sheriff Bobby Hopper worked throughout the weekend for information as to who vandalized a total of 51 headstones, “We’ve got some ideas but don’t have any real good information.”

After two days, he hoped the destruction had stopped, “We recounted and there’s been about six more knocked over from last night.”

The townspeople are demanding answers to what they deem one of the biggest acts of senseless vandalism in the county, “Family members are very upset, there were people in here this morning so wish I knew who they were.”

Doris Harrison’s eyes well up remembering all the people of her past, and heart-broken by their desecrated memories, “I know a lot of their families that are going on before them because I’ve been here a long time.”

She says, “These people here belonged to someone and they still have the precious memories of it.”

But she, like so many of her friends and neighbors, can only wait for answers, “I’m just sad this happened because it hurts it hurts me.”

I talked to the Cemetery Committee Manager and he says they’re offering $1,000 reward for an arrest and conviction though if convicted, the person or persons could face 1-5 years in jail.

The manager told me it’s estimated to cost $2,000 – $3,000 to repair them with the help of a monument company, but the cemetery is not asking the families to shoulder this responsibility.

If you have any information or would like to help donate to the cemetery’s repairs, you can donate to Cayce Methodist Church Cemetery Fund,195 ST. RT. 94 W., Fulton, KY 42041.

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