A warrior workout

Our veterans gave their blood, sweat and tears for our freedom, and the fight continues, even after their service is over.

Many veterans find sweating together is a good way to help re-integrate them into civilian life.

John Okerson spent 20 years in the Army.

“When you join the military you change. Especially when you deploy. You never come back the same,” said Okerson.

He says putting his military career behind him was tough.

But it is groups of people who come together to work hard that make the transition easier.

“With Team Red, White and Blue we’re trying to reintegrate veterans back into their communities and build stronger communities with the experience and knowledge veterans have,” said Okerson.

After more than a decade in the Marine Corp, Justin Cox says it took years to find his place back in civilian life.

“One of the things that I did miss the most, or do miss the most, is the comradery,” said Cox.

Many veterans say that physical activity that gives them that sense of teamwork.

Cox remembered his friends from the Corp while he was working out.

“You do think about the ones who are still in harms way and not here and not able to workout,” said Cox.

The workout was not easy, but veterans are used to a little hard work and sacrifice.

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