What the Tech: Wearable devices

Google says the use of Google Wallet on Android devices has jumped 50 percent in the past month. The problem with Google Wallet is that it doesn’t work with all Android phones.

A new company has come up with a another way to pay, using your heartbeat. It’s the Nymi, a bracelet that uses near-field communication, but to pay for things, it detects your unique cardiac rhythm.

Makers of Nymi say the bracelet works without connecting to a smartphone. Bionym, the company creating the bracelet, says it could also do things like unlock your car, a hotel room and sign in to a computer. It’s currently in beta, but only in Canada.

If a watch isn’t your style, LifeBEAM is selling a hat that tracks your heart rate, steps and calories. It’s a baseball-style cap with sensors that detects heart rate, your cadence and calories. It will then transmit that data to your smartphone. It’s on sale now and costs $100. It also comes in a bicycle helmet and a visor.

Another wearable with great potential is the Ditto. It’s a small device that you clip on your clothes. It tethers to a smartphone and has some very cool features. It will vibrate if you get a call from someone who’s on your favorites list. It can also be used as a vibrating alarm clock and if you walk away from your phone, Ditto vibrates to remind you.

The Ditto isn’t on sale yet – it’s about 70 percent away from a Kickstarter goal. Makers say the Ditto will sell for $50, but you can order one now and pay just $30 to help them make their goal.

Whether you wear a wearable on your wrist or head, these devices are going to become more popular and could be the big thing this Christmas.

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