Company building fish processing plant in Hickman, KY

A company is taking advantage of an invasive species and creating new jobs.

On Tuesday, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced that Riverine Fisheries International LLC plans on building a fish processing plant in Hickman.

The plant will catch, clean, process, package, and transport Asian carp found in Kentucky’s waters. 

The harvested fish will be processed into surimi (imitation seafood), fishmeal, fish oil, mince, and fillets. The products will be shipped world-wide.

The company plans to create 110 new jobs and invest $18.7 million in the project.

So far Riverine has purchased a 75,000 square-foot industrial building and is mooring a self-contained processing vessel in the Mississippi River harbor in Hickman.

There is currently no date for when the processing plant will open.

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