Honoring our local veterans: Robert Doughty

As Robert Doughty sits and reads an article about himself in the newspaper, those moments can’t help but bring back memories.

“About two months into my tour there I was wounded by a roadside bomb. I lost both of my legs in the explosion, my right leg above the knee and my left leg below the knee. I got to spend the next five months in the hospital re-habbing and learning how to walk on prosthetics and figuring out life was going to be after that point,” said veteran Robert Doughty.

At 29 years old, Robert’s life was changed forever.

“You always accept the fact that you can be wounded or you could be killed in combat, but you don’t think about the possibility of losing a limb or multiple limbs,” said Doughty.

After spending 12 years on active duty, Robert, now 39 years old, looks back with no regrets.

“Every day is Veterans Day when you’re a veteran. Make the most of it and make it count,” said Doughty.

In the long run, Robert is hoping his sacrifice will one day make a difference.

“You have those experiences and it completely changes you’re mindset on life I guess really only time will tell but you always wonder if what you were doing was ultimately going to make a difference over there,” said Doughty. “I would just hope most people could appreciate those situations that some of our military veterans were and are in and when they get the opportunity to acknowledge it.”

Since the U.S. went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq a decade ago, about 2.5 million members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard were deployed to serve overseas.

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