Midnight run honors America’s veterans

It was the 11th month, on the 11th day that World War I ended 100 years ago.

To recognize the significance of that day, a group of veterans took off an 11 hour run at midnight on Veterans Day.

They finished at the American Legion in Harrisburg, Illinois just in time for their Veterans Day ceremony.

On a wet and windy Veterans Day morning, the runners appeared on Lewis Street with a flag in tow.

They caught their breath and presented their flag to a man who served before them.

“We ran this flag for 11 hours in honor of all veterans,” said veteran John Okerson.

The flag found its home in the American Legion while Navy Veteran Tammy Sisco recounted her journey.

“I lost count after about probably eight miles,” said Sisco.

She says there is time to think on a run that long.

“The sacrifices people make, the sacrifices you, yourself, make. Leaving your family,” said Sisco.

Sisco says she would run for her comrades every day if she could.

“I mean, I’d do anything for my veterans,” said Sisco.

Especially those who paved the way for her.

Veterans and civilians alike were invited to participate in the run, whether it was jumping in for a mile, a couple hours, or the whole thing.

This group plans on doing the 11 hour run again next year.

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