Options to keep your heating costs low this winter

With cold weather in place, now’s the time to start preparing for the winter months. WPSD took a look at some efficient options that’ll keep you warm and even save you some money.

Steve Warren with Warren Heating and Air said an important way to save money is to make sure any openings in your home are completely sealed.”Make sure your windows are caulked, and make sure they’re sealed. Check your plumbing penetrations under your sink where your water lines come in, where your drains go out, and make sure that’s foamed and all sealed up,” Warren said.

He said closing every air-flowing hole could save you up to $800 every year, depending on the size of your home.

Setting your thermostat 66 to 70 degrees at night and while you’re gone a long time also helps.

“You can do it manually or with a programmable thermostat, but that will save you a lot of money. If your heat is electric, it will save you a whole lot of money,” Warren said.

As for central heating versus space heaters, Warren said space heaters only really save you money if your home is smaller, on electric heat, and you turn down the thermostat.

“If you have gas heat and you try to supplement a gas furnace with an electric space heater you’re in for a rude awakening,” Warren said.

Space heaters can warm a room, but if left unattended or knocked down can cause a fire. Space heaters amount to1/3 of home heating fires every year.

As for propane, there’s not a shortage right now, but local companies suggest to always keep your tanks full just in case it gets really cold to the point of a shortage.

Warren also said, closing vents in your house to send heat to one room is actually not a good idea when you have free flowing vents. He said it can damage furnaces and cause them to overheat.

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