Local casino almost ready to open new gaming room

The countdown to the new and improved Harrah’s Metropolis is underway. We’re just one week away from the grand opening of a new gaming room that will replace the convention center and the gaming boat.

Instead of the three floors you remember, the new facility has all of your favorite games packed onto one floor. Harrah’s Public Relations Director Chad Lewis says the layout is more comfortable and easier to navigate.

“We did lose a little bit of square footage, but not much,” said Lewis.

General Manager Brad Hirsch says the casino boasts new table games, a stage for performers, a poker room, three new bars, and a new restaurant. There are also 800 slot machines. Hirsch says he is ready to open the doors.

“It’s been over a year that this project has been in the works around the clock,” said Hirsch.

Illinois law stipulates that all casinos must be above water. Harrah’s says there will be a water feature of some kind that won’t be visible to customers, but it will keep the casino completely legal.

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