Metropolis seeing a slow down in tearing down homes affected by Flood 2011

Like many of her neighbors, Rena Miller had to contend with high water during Flood 2011.

“We had water in our driveway down there. Couldn’t get in my driveway,” she told Local 6.

Luckily her home was spared, but this one across the street wasn’t as lucky. Eleven others are on the city’s tear down list. “They need to do that to improve the city and the living conditions of people around the area,” Miller said.

It may be easier said then done. Mayor Billy McDaniel said bids were put out, but only one contractor submitted paperwork. “The state will not allow you to go through the process with just one bidder,” he said of the policy.

So the city is having to re-advertise. McDaniel is also asking FEMA to extend the tear-down time frame from 45 days to at least 90 days. He said some contractors backed out because of potential fines if the work wasn’t done on time.

“We hope that we can get more qualified bidding because we do know a couple of them didn’t bid because they didn’t feel that they could meet the time frame,” McDaniel said.

Miller hopes the city acts soon because she’s tired of having to look at and drive by the condemned homes. She’s lived on East 3rd St. for almost 42 years and would like her block to look a lot better. “I would like for the property values to come up a little bit,” she said.

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