Manual recount scheduled for McCracken County Clerk race

Becky Bowers isn’t conceding the race for McCracken County Clerk, in fact, she wants every ballot recounted by hand.  Her attorney Jack Lackey says reviewing them one by one is the best, transparent option.

“We just want an open process that is fair to everybody,” Lackey told Local 6 more than 20,000 votes cast between Bowers and democratic candidate Julie Griggs will be looked at.  Griggs beat Bowers by a difference of less than one percent.  Lackey said the written ballots will either confirm or dispute the initial tally.   

Bowers filed a petition for a recount earlier this week after losing the race to democrat Julie Griggs by 149 votes.

“That’s the purpose.  You’ve got them counted by the machine and then they just drop down to the bottom of the machine and so they are available for a recount,” he said.

Judge Tim Kaltenbach will select a three person commission to run the recount.  He allowed Bowers and Griggs to be present during the recount, along with a representative of their choosing.  County Attorney Mike Murphy, who represents the county board of elections, said Bowers is within her rights to petition for a recount.

“I have great faith in its integrity, it’s honesty and it’s accuracy.  That doesn’t mean mistakes cannot happen. They do,” he told Local 6.

The recount will not cost taxpayers.  By law, Bowers is responsible for the costs and can end the recount at any time.

Bowers and Griggs will be back in court on Monday to review the recount process. No date for the recount has been set.

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