Postal workers protest two-day delay for local mail

Starting next year there will be no more local next day delivery for the United States Post Office.

Eighty-two mail sorting centers across the country are scheduled to close at the start of next year, including distribution centers in Paducah and Cape Girardeau. Postal workers stood outside Paducah’s sorting center Friday, protesting these changes.

Mail sent from a Paducah address to another Paducah address will not be sorted out at Paducah’s current distribution center. Instead, it will go to Evansville, Indiana to be sorted out and then brought back to Paducah.

Two days is too much for Jean Bowman and her fellow employees. Bowman has worked for USPS for more than 30 years. She feels a two-day delay for local mail is keeping her from helping her customers.

“If you’re mailing a water bill from your house instead of it taking overnight and getting there the next day it may take two or three days,” Bowman said.

Paducah’s sorting center closing down also mean cutting back on employees.

“There are going to be at least 20 employees affected that may not have a job,” Bowman said.

USPS Kentucky Area Corporate Communications Spokesman, David Walton said the post office has to adjust to demand like any other business.

“U.S. Mail is changing there are now fewer letters and considerably more packages and our network must reflect that.”

Walton said these changes will not affect packages, only first class mail such as bills or greeting cards.

Bowman said these centers closing is not completely set in stone. She’s hoping people will contact their local politicians to ask to keep these centers and stop the local two-day mail delay.

If no changes are made, the 82 centers are set to start closing January 5th of next year.

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