Tornado victims: One year later

Monday was the one year anniversary of the Brookport, Illinois tornado.

The storm ripped through the small town, killing three people and destroying dozens of homes.

The husband of one of the victims has been mourning the loss of his wife, and recovering from his own injuries from that day.

“This is the hard part,” said Charles George as he hoisted himself onto his walker with the help of a physical therapist.

George is learning how to walk again.

He lost his home and the use of his legs in last year’s tornado.

“I actually remember falling out of the air. I remember right to this day,” said George.

He has been living at a rehabilitation center in Metropolis ever since.

George is also learning how to live without his wife, Cathy.

When he regained consciousness in an Indiana hospital, his family told him she didn’t make it.

“It took me another two or three days that it sunk in that she was dead, and that’s when I broke,” said George.

One year later, he is not broken anymore.

He walks, slowly and carefully, for Cathy.

“I loved her with all of my heart. She was my best friend, my true love and my soul-mate,” said George.

Every agonizing step, to honor her.

George has years of physical therapy ahead of him, but therapists say he is progressing on track.

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