Making the grade: Possible changes in Paducah Public Schools

Paducah Public Schools is considering changing its grading scale system. The grading scale considers an A 94-100, a B 83-93 a, C 70-82, and a D 62- 69; Anything below is a failing grade.

Paducah changed high schools to this grading scale in 1991. All other schools followed in 2006.

Robin Kelly is one of several parents hoping to change Paducah Public Schools grading scale.She is worried the grading scale may be unfair, especially when it comes to qualifying for scholarships like the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program (KEES). 

Students can earn KEES grant money for college in Kentucky by getting a high GPA.

Kelly said parents who are concerned about the scale are not advocating to make things easier.

“Nobody wants their kids to get straight A’s if they don’t deserve it. It’s more a question of , you know those sort of borderline 92, 93’s that in other schools would be considered A’s,” Kelly said.

Paducah Public Schools Superintendent Donald Shively said the Board of Education is hosting open meetings with parents and teachers to not only determine the best grading school system for A and B students, but all of their students.

“We are evaluating our current grading scale to see if that’s what’s best for our students in the 21st century or if there’s something we need to do to tweak that going forward. Especially as we continue to blur the line between high schools and colleges,” Shively said.

He said most colleges are on a ten point scale, making 90 an A.

“The KEES money is something that wasn’t in place around 1991 when we went to the current grading scale,” Shively said.

As a teacher, Ashley Adkins said it’s more about setting up your student for success.

“As an educator my goal is to prepare them for the future, whether that’s college or life and to make sure that we’re challenging them in an appropriate way,” Adkins said.

Possible grading scale changes are not the only thing Paducah City School District is looking at. The superintendent is also using these board meetings for parent input on a long-term plan that’ll prepare students for life outside of school whether that be through communication skills or managing finances. 

The next open board meeting is December 15th at Clark Elementary School at 6:00 p.m.

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