What the Tech: Christmas savings

With Black Friday less than two weeks away, shopper might be surprised to find some of the best deals aren’t found the day after, or the night of, Thanksgiving.

You can save money using your smartphone when you go Christmas shopping.

Wal-Mart announced it will match the online price for the same item at Amazon, Best Buy, Toys-R-Us, and other online retailers. All you have to do is use the Amazon app to scan the bar code of an item. You’ll need to take the item to the register and show them the online price, then a manager will approve the lower price. Some Wal-Mart stores have done this in the past, but now Wal-Mart says every store has this policy.

The lowest prices are sometimes not on Black Friday. Prices go up and down between now and Christmas, sometimes by the hour and it’s easy to see now online. The Wall Street Journal has an online Christmas Sale Tracker. It looks at 10 of the most popular gifts this season, and lets you see which stores have it at the best price, every hour.

The Wall Street Journal also compiled a calendar of bargains based on last Christmas. The best deals were found the entire week of Thanksgiving when prices dropped 20%-25%, with the exception of Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal also found that some retailers will change the price of an item as many as 20 times. Prices seem to always go up on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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