App makes school fundraising easier

 It’s become a part of school life, right up there with homework and extracurriculars. We’re talking about fundraisers.

But at the same time, there are so many of them. It really starts to wear on you after a while.  So we thought we’d feature fundraising that’s more painless.

“I’m addicted,” says Hickman County Elementary math teacher Leslie Bizzle.

Don’t worry – it’s a good addiction. Bizzle is talking about Shoparoo, an app that you download on your smartphone and then when you buy something, you snap a picture of the receipt and share it with the app. Stores are very interested in shopping habits, and in August, participating schools will get a check for a year’s worth of receipt sharing.

“We’ve tried to spread the word through the children at the school,” Bizzle says. “We want everyone on board with Shoparoo. Anyone can download it and choose Hickman County Elementary.”

Bizzle says you don’t have to purchase anything – all you have to do is scan the receipts of things that you’ve already purchased. And there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

“I have fun with it,” Bizzle says. “I was bothering people every day, trying to get them to sign up and showing them how to snap their receipts. It became a competition within our school and that’s how it spread.”

And then there’s the bottom line.

“Fundraisers are wonderful for schools because all schools need money for extra things,” Bizzle says.

They also do Labels for Education, Box Tops for Education and My Coke Rewards and have earned literally thousands of dollars in playground equipment, math rewards and more.

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