Cold turkey bowl attempts to strike out lung cancer

Smoking causes one out of every five deaths in the United States, but despite the numbers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 42,000,000 people choose to light up every day.

Despite the peer pressure smoking was never an option for Katrina Galati growing up.

“My grandpa smoked and died of lung cancer,” said Katrina Galati. “My uncle smoked and died of lung cancer three years ago and he lived with my grandma so that impacted me a lot.”

In an attempt to keep smokers from becoming another statistic, the SIU Wellness Center is asking smokers to quit cold turkey in an attempt to strike out cancer.

“Smokers have to make the decision to just quit for 24 hours,” said Michelle McLernon. “If they come here we’ll give them a quit kit. If they can’t come here all they have to do is resist the cravings that they’ll have throughout the day.”

However SIU Wellness Coordinator Michelle McLernon admits that quitting cold turkey won’t be easy for a lot of smokers, but the hope is that the cold turkey bowl could be the motivation that could save a life.

“It’s a success if we can get one person to quit there is a domino effect because when you’re smoking you’re effecting the lives of others as well,” said McLernon. “If you quit you become an advocate for others and a support system for others who want to quit.”

“I don’t think people know what they’re doing because they’re in the moment and they think it’s cool, and I just think it’s disgusting and you’re just killing yourself doing it,” said Galati.

If you or someone that you know is thinking about quitting, Thursday, November 20th is the Great American Smokeout.

For more information on where you can get a quit kit, click here.

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