Millions of cars potentially deadly because of faulty airbags

The Federal government is pushing for a recall on millions of cars because of their airbags.

The defects in the airbags have been linked to four deaths.

The makes in question are Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda and BMW models, from 2008 and earlier.

The problem people have been experiencing is pieces of metal and plastic flying out of the steering column, through the airbag, tearing it, and hitting people in the face or chest.

Most problems have been seen in humid areas, where parts deteriorate quicker.

Automotive instructor Ben Komnick says you will want to check your car’s Vehicle Identification Number.

“It’s going to be right here on the base of the windshield,” said Komnick.

Click here and type in that number.

If your car is affected, head straight to the dealership.

“There’s going to be probably some time lag because of the supply,” said Komnick.

If you can’t get in right away, make sure to drive with extra caution and always wear your seat belt as airbags are designed to be supplemental.

Local 6 reached out to several car dealerships in the region and none of them wanted to comment on the recall.

The Department of Transportation provided us with this comment: “By demanding this national recall, NHTSA has demonstrated once again that it will follow data and evidence to protect the lives of Americans on the road and to hold manufacturers accountable.”

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