Old Ledbetter Bridge pier demolition resumes Monday

UPDATE: The first of two piers of the Old Ledbetter Bridge was toppled Tuesday afternoon.

The top half of the pier was pulled over with cables and dropped into the water below. A trench was carved out of the bottom of the river a week earlier for the pier to fall into.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the contractor plans to pull down the second pier Monday, December 1, after an unsuccessful attempt Friday. When the second pier is pulled over, the contractor plans to use explosives to detonate the remaining portion of both piers around December 4.

A new plan has been approved to demolish the remaining piers of the Old Ledbetter Bridge, with demolition set to begin Tuesday.

Two piers were left standing in the river after explosions took down the main portion of the bridge earlier this year.

A contractor had planned to remove the piers with a controlled explosion, but that plan had to be abandoned because the piers developed cracks.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the plan now is to excavate the river bottom outside the navigation channel and knock over the top half of the piers so they will fall into the excavated areas.

The natural silting process will cover the piers, leaving them below the river bottom.

Once the top half of the piers are removed, the bottom half will be removed with explosions.

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