Report: No charges filed in Molly Young death

A 19 page report on the death of 21 year-old Molly Young doesn’t sit well with her dad Larry.

“Over the past 15 months, this prosecutor has had the case, he has not contacted us once to try to discuss the issues we are dealing with,” Larry Young said.

The report concludes there is “insufficient evidence at this time to charge anyone as accountable for a murder.” In 2013, a similar ruling was made by the Jackson County State’s Attorney, there was not enough evidence to rule Molly’s death a homicide or suicide.

“My spiritual help is what keeps me going. I pray a lot. I read the Bible. I study the Bible to get my strength from within,” Larry told Local 6.

The push to find ‘Justice for Molly’ started with t-shirts and signs then it grew to peaceful protests. All along, Young hoped for an indictment, but he learned prosecutors aren’t charging anyone, even though the case will remain open.

“She was murdered. There’s no doubt about it in my mind,” he said.

The report does not rule out Molly could have been murdered, but there is a “lack of evidence” to support Young’s theory of a homicide. He said he is still waiting for the truth.

“Molly is in Heaven looking down, proud,” he said.

To read the prosecutor’s report, click here.

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