Recount in McCracken County clerk’s race favors Julie Griggs

Julie Griggs is the next McCracken County Clerk following a two day recount process requested by her opponent Becky Bowers following the November 4th election.

On Thursday, inside a county courtroom the process came to an end and the judge read the results aloud.

On November 4th, Griggs won over Bowers by 11,777 to 11,628. A difference of 149 votes.

Following the recount, Griggs won over Bowers by 11,748 to 11,593. A difference of 155 votes.

“Not necessarily the outcome I was looking for, but I am satisfied that the results are true,” said Bowers. “I feel at this point my supporters will join me and we’ll be happy to congratulate and help Julie Griggs in any way we can moving forwards.”

“I think that just gives everybody the assurance that they want for this. Now we can all move on,” said Griggs. “I can make plans that I had talked about for the office I’m excited about and now we can get going with things.”

Bowers is responsible for the cost of the recount, estimated to be between $5,000 and $7,000.

As for what she’s planning next? She says she’s keeping her options open and has even had several job offers as a result of this race.

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