What the Tech: Big ticket gifts

You may be pulling out the credit cards more often in the next few weeks, but should you get a lot of small gifts or a one big gift?

If you are thinking of going for the big gift, here is the top big tickets gifts of 2015.

Drones aren’t as crazy as they were this time last year. The DJI Phantom quadcopters are the most popular. They’ll fly around a thousand feet controlled by this remote. The learning curve in fairly short, usually a few practice session and you’re ready to go.

A robot around the house isn’t just cool, it’s also functional. iRobot’s Roomba has been around a long time, but they keep getting better and better at hitting the corners. They’re programmable and will do all its work while you’re at work.

Roomba’s got a big brother called the Scooba that mops and scrubs hard surfaces, spitting out a liquid cleaner then sucking up the dirty water. The Scooba retails for $600.

Photos are popular gifts every year for families, but these keepsakes take family portraits to a whole new level. using any photo, even one from a smartphone, 3D Universal uses laser technology to burn these stunning portraits right into the crystal. The detail is unbelievable and somehow appears the same front and back.

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