Retailers prepare for busy shopping season

One week until the biggest shopping day of the year, and people are already getting a jump on their holiday spending.

According to Consumer Reports, retailers are expecting shoppers to spend more, and spend longer this Thanksgiving weekend.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend more in November and December by 4.1 percent.

With that increase, it propels Americans’ total spending this year to an estimated $616.9 billion. Twenty-six percent of you even begin your holiday shopping before Halloween.

Keep in mind these numbers don’t even include online and cyber shopping. Needless to say forecasters say it’s going to be a busy season, and  retailers are in full swing preparing for next week’s shopping days.

It’s all about executing a well-laid out plan on Black Friday and preparing for the biggest shopping season of the year. With early cold weather temps and people having more money and more time to spend, this Black Friday will be one of the biggest yet.

JC Penney store manager, Clay Evans says he and his team are ready for the rush, “Its really exciting to open at 5 pm Thanksgiving day

Not only are they ready, they’re excited for the big spending days. Evans says, “All my associates, I have 150 associates have said when do you need me, what time do you want me to work, and can I work even longer?”

Employee, Lilia de la Paz requested to work black Friday this year, “I just like the adrenaline, its really fun. You help people.”

She works fast and moves fast to get everything done, “Little pressure, work more hours… Its lots of fun though.”

Because although they try to prevent against it things happen, registers break, running out of merchandise, Evans and his team try to be as prepared as possible to move merchandise, “It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of long hours but it’s fun and I have some great people to work with so I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Evans says small appliances and wearable technology are expected to be the big items this holiday season.

Many stores are also anticipating a large cyber shopping turnout as well.

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