Be On The Lookout: Keeping track of sex offenders

In this week’s Be On The Lookout, a reminder about the reality of registered sex offenders living in our communities and how you can keep track of where they are.

Carbondale Police say Darryl Vinson was not living at the address he provided on his sex offender registration form. They found him on the 1900 block of West Sycamore Street. He was arrested and now faces several charges, including willfully providing false information on a sex offender registration form.

You obviously can’t track sex offenders that lie about that information, but you can keep track of those that don’t. There are several ways to Be On The Lookout. One of those is Family Watchdog.

The website allows you to search anywhere in the nation. You just type in a street, city, state and zip code and then the map pulls up pinpointing where registered sex offenders live in that area. There are colored squares defining the crime that sex offender was convicted of. You can click on the square to see the offender’s picture, name and address.

The site also provides a free service that will alert you when a sex offender moves into your area.

To see the Family Watchdog site, click here.

To see Kentucky’s sex offender registry, click here.

To see Illinois’ sex offender registry, click here.

To see Missouri’s sex offender registry, click here.

To see Tennessee’s sex offender registry, click here.

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