Avoiding fatigued driving this Thanksgiving

 With gas prices on the decline, many are taking their Turkey Day treats on the road for the first time in years.

“My family and I have two separate Thanksgivings to go to this year and there’s about 100 miles in between them, so we’ll probably be spending just as much time on the road as we will at the dinner table,” says Paige Brocaille.

A National Highway Safety Administration study shows that one in three drivers will drive while fatigued, which leads to around 100,000 accidents every year. Illinois State Police trooper Jay Watson says driving drowsy can be deadly.

“There are a lot of issues that are very similar to drunk driving with fatigued driving,” Watson says. “There are many statistics that put it at or equal, or even worse than DUI.”

Trooper Watson says those accidents can easily be prevented.

“Hydrate yourself instead of using caffeine to keep you up and take a nap,” Watson says. “That’s what the rest areas are for. Pull off in a McDonald’s parking lot or a Walmart parking lot. Take a half hour power nap and continue your trip and you’ll get there a lot safer.”

Travel breaks that can save your family’s life.

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